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If you are looking for ways to make money online, then CPA networks are a good choice.

CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’, and you get paid by the network whenever someone
performs the required action through your link; for example, if they want a person’s e-mail address, then they will pay you for each e-mail received. There are many other “actions” you can get paid for, depending on what each network is looking for.

You can begin by signing up with a single network, then once you start getting the hang of it, you can join more and more of them to bring in even more income. Almost all CPA networks require an application to be filled out, along with an approval process. This can sometimes take a few days, but be patient. The way it usually works is that they will review your application, and then call you on the telephone to talk in person (so be sure to fill out the application form with accurate information). Networks typically want to know how you are going to market their offer and what qualifications you have. What they are really trying to do is make sure you know what you’re doing and that you won’t do anything to damage their brand.

If you are accepted you will have an affiliate manager assigned to you. The manager will
help you figure out which offers are best for you to promote and how to get the most from your efforts. They are there to help, and it is for your mutual interest. Work closely with them and you will not only have a better chance of success, but you will not have to worry about being dropped by the CPA networks.

You may be excited to start promoting your offers everywhere, in any way you can. But not so fast! It is always best to read all of the terms of service and understand what you will be paid for and how. Each CPA network will have its own rules, and it is up to you to know them. For examples, some may not allow you to use certain keywords in a pay per click campaign. Talk to your personal affiliate manager if you need any clarification of the rules.

There are plenty of CPA networks to choose from, but some are better than others. Research how good each one is before deciding whether or not you want to submit your application to them. You can find reviews of various networks online. Be careful, though, as some of those reviews are dishonest. The best thing to do is read as many reviews as you can and then look for an overall pattern to see how good the program is.

Now that you know more about CPA networks, it is up to you to follow through on this
information. Doing nothing is the surest way to make nothing, but when you take action now even something as small as starting looking for CPA companies counts you will be starting down the right path to success.

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Ida Mae Boyd


Having a way to consistently contact your customers is a big part of running a successful business online. The way this is usually done is through what is known as a follow up email autoresponder.

This is simply a tool that allows you to follow up with people who have shared their e-mail address with you. While there are many different autoresponder services available, they all have a few things in common.

1. A way to store contact information. This feature lies at the heart of any autoresponder. It is the database of all of the information you gather on your site for the purpose of sending out e-mail messages to people. A lot of businesses choose to only collect the person’s name and e-mail address, but there is nothing stopping you from collecting their address, phone number and other information that is important to you. The follow up email autoresponder will then store all of this information for you so you can access it at any time. This is a necessary feature because it allows for the automation of sending messages by the autoresponder service.

2. Sending a series of preprogrammed messages. One of the greatest things about an autoresponder is that you only have to set up the messages once, if that is what you want to do. You compose the message, and then you tell the autoresponder at what intervals you want each message sent out. For example, your first message (Thank You! or Welcome message) would be sent out right away, your second and third message could be sent out the next day, your fourth through eighth messages can be sent out every three days, and so on. It doesn’t matter when somebody subscribes to your e-mail lists, they will receive the first message based on when they sign up, and each additional message will arrive in their inbox at the interval you have chosen. It may sound a bit complicated but it really simplifies things once you get the hang of it.

3. Providing a web form. When auto responders were first released as a method of gathering information from your visitors, it was fairly common for the website owner to have to create the sign up form completely from scratch; this has changed. The follow up email autoresponder will give you a way to create a form to place on your website to capture the information you want to get from your site’s visitors. You create the form on the autoresponder site, and then copy and paste the code and place it onto your website wherever you want it to be seen.

The follow up email autoresponder is an essential tool for running a profitable business online. Without it, you will have to rely on people to keep coming back to your website to see whatever updates, or new offers you have available. But within autoresponder you are, in effect, visiting them as often as you like. This is a much smarter way of doing things; it will save you both time and money, and help you to run more of your business on autopilot.

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Ida Mae Boyd


A Successful Website Needs Link Popularity By Ida Mae Boyd

One way to gain popularity for your website is to build links that point back to your site.
When the search engines see that you have a lot of other websites linking to your site
they will know that your website is popular and will reward you with a higher search engine ranking.

Some website owners have misused the link building process by creating link farms for the sole purpose of building backlinks to their websites and the search engines have become aware of this and will restrict those websites to misuse the process. For those website owners who use the link building process correctly they can achieve very positive results.

You can give your website a very important internet presence when you use link building

The Following are some effective methods for building backlinks to your website.

Link exchanges. With a link exchange you contact other website owners and offer to
swap links. You place a link to their website on your site and they return the favor and
place a link to your website on their site. If you don’t want an ‘obvious’ link swap you can
try a three way link with another website owner so that no two websites are directly swapping.

Article Marketing. Write articles and submit them to article directories. Most article
directories will allow you a resource box where you can include a link to your website.
Good quality articles will get many readers and if you use your resource box wisely you can entice those readers to visit your website.

Article syndication. If the articles you submit to article directories are of high quality there is a good chance that they will be syndicated. This means that other website owners will publish your articles on their websites. The terms of website owners’ using your article is that they include the resource box that includes the link to your website. The more your articles are syndicated the more backlinks your article will give you.

Blog commenting. Find other blogs within your niche and leave comments and include a link to your website. Never spam blogs with your comments or they will most likely just get deleted. Instead, always leave good quality comments on blogs.

Forum marketing. Join some forums within your niche and include a link in your forum
signature. You should always check the forum rules before doing so as some forums don’t allow signature links. Be an active participant in the forum as the more posts that you make the more links you are building with your signature link. Leave information and helpful forum posts and other forum members are more likely to click on your link and visit your website.

When you get visitors to your website make sure that you keep those visitors coming back. Have an interesting site that gives your visitors what they are looking for.

A good, Informative and exciting website will keep your visitors coming back.

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Ida Mae Boyd