As I stated on the Home Page of this blog, after I retired I needed something to do. I heard so much about how easy it would be to make money on the Internet.

I say to myself, I am pretty good with the computer and I knew how to search the Internet, etc. But I did not know anything about Internet Marketing. So I jumped right into signing up for all kind of business opportunities. You know the ones that tell you that you can “MAKE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN 30 days”.

I know one thing for sure; I didn’t make hundreds of dollars in 30 days if anything I spent hundreds of dollars in 30 days.
I was such a fool. All right enough of that.

Well! I did not give up. I really got busy learning about what is an Internet Marketer and what must I do to become one.

In my next post and the posts that will follow I will tell you all the things that I had to learn to become an Internet Marketer.