Alright! Here is another word that you hear when people start talking about Web Hosting and you say to yourself now what is that?

A C-Panel is a control panel that enables you to manage your website hosting services using a graphical user interface (GUI).
The C-Panel enable you to manage and setup your files and folders, email addresses, file transfers, domains, sub domains, databases, etc.

From your c-panel you have access to the Fantastico System which is a web application that can help you in building content management systems. Blogging applications like word press, etc.

The C-Panel has made website administration and development very easy, even to the newbie in the field of website development and web hosting.

Apart from being the web-based administrative control panel, the C-Panel helps in accessing vital features of overall website statistics with the web stats, FTP stats, AWStats, bandwidth usage, and visiting traffic.

C-Panel also helps you in creating and maintaining databases, uploading and downloading files and folders; editing, creating, and deleting files and folders; and many other important functions. The ease at which the website can be managed through the C-Panel is truly unbelievable and has made the website management really simple.

I have create an Introduction to the C-panel video that I believe is very helpful in understanding the C-panel to access it Click Here